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FlexTouch Unveils Capacitive Touch Solutions that Support Finger, Stylus, and Pencil Touch

SAN JOSE, California., May 16, 2023 -

FlexTouch Technologies Co. ("FlexTouch"), a leading provider of metal mesh touch sensors for consumer electronics, automotive, and industrial control devices, has announced the release of its latest touch solutions that support finger and various stylus options, including active stylus, passive stylus, pencils, and other suitable conductive objects, and are compatible with AnyPen Technology.

FlexTouch’s copper-metal-mesh-based touch sensors offer the lowest resistance and highest SNR; key factors in supporting various stylus options. The technology enables users to write or draw on touch screens with any stylus pen, including those commonly used for mobile phones and tablets, providing a more natural and seamless experience for users. In addition, the new touch solution is compatible with AnyPen technology, which allows users to use any conductive object, such as a pen cap, a key, or a pencil, as a stylus pen. This innovation further enhances the flexibility of the touch solution and provides users with even more options to interact with their devices.


"Our new touch solution represents a significant step forward in the development of touch sensor technology," said Esat Yilmaz, CTO of FlexTouch. "By supporting various stylus options, we can provide a more versatile and customizable touch experience for users. Our mission at FlexTouch is to continue to push the boundaries of touch sensor technology and provide solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers."

The new touch solution supporting various stylus options is now available for sampling.


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FlexTouch Technologies Co. is a leading provider of metal mesh touch sensors for consumer electronics, automotive, and industrial control devices. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, FlexTouch is committed to delivering high-quality touch sensor solutions that meet the needs of its customers.
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