Product Introduction

Product Introduction

FlexTouch's metal mesh touch sensors provide faster response speed, more accurate touch and thinner structure. The newly launched touch solution can support finger touch and a variety of stylus, including active stylus, passive stylus, and even touch with regular pencil. The touch solution is compatible with Anypen technology, allowing users to interact with their devices in the most comfortable and natural way, providing a better user experience, bringing greater freedom to the design and manufacturing of touch display products.

FlexTouch Copper Metal Mesh Advantages

Typical Specifications

Test Items Parameters
Transmittance >89%
Haze <1.5%
Line width 2μm, 2.5μm, 3μm
Sheet resistance <10Ω/
Conductive material Copper
L/S 10/10
Substrate PET, COP
Substrate Thickness 25, 36, 50µm
Width 450mm / 600mm

Standard Touch Sensors

FlexTouch provides a variety of standard touch sensors that are suitable for various display sizes and touch applications. Customers can greatly reduce the R&D cost and cycle time by using any one of our standard touch sensors. This series of products have the following advantages:
  • High Transmittance
  • Ultra-narrow border
  • Diversified shipping stacks, such as Sensor, FOG, etc.
  • Lighter and thinner than ITO FF structure
  • Can match different screen models in the market
  • Can be matched with different brands and models of ICs
  • Support different protocols of active pens and finger touch only.
  • Can meet the needs of customers with different pressure conditions
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