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FlexTouch Established a Portfolio of Metal Mesh Touch Sensor Design Patterns that Eliminate Moire for Mainstream OLED Displays

SAN JOSE, Calif., July,4, 2022 / -- FlexTouch Technologies Co. ("FlexTouch"), a leading provider of metal mesh touch sensors for consumer electronics, automotive, and industrial control devices, today announced that it has established a portfolio of mesh design patterns for mainstream OLED displays that eliminates moire effects.

Laptop computers and tablet devices with OLED touch screen displays are becoming more and more popular. OLED panels provide better image quality, lower power consumption, and ultra-thin structure. In the meantime, metal mesh touch sensors enable premium touch functionality when paired with OLED displays, including more accurate and responsive stylus performance, narrower edge, and foldability. The challenge is that OLED displays with metal mesh touch sensors are prone to moire. Moire is a result of the touch sensor’s patterns superimposing on top of the display panel’s pixel patterns. It is an undesirable effect that impacts product appearance. OLED panels have complex pixel structures, which make it exponentially harder than LCD panels for metal mesh manufacturers to create moire-eliminating designs.

"Consumers are demanding uncompromised touch display performance for their laptop and tablet devices. Based on our industry-leading AI-based self-learning software, and after several months of collaborations with our customers and partners, we completed a portfolio of design patterns optimized for mainstream OLED display panels," said Esat Yilmaz CTO of FlexTouch, "we are particularly excited that our designs have been validated by our customers, including a major brand name customer. No matter the customer’s panel size or display specifications, FlexTouch has a design pattern optimized for moire elimination. This significantly shortens the design cycle and gives our customer confidence that our design offers the best cosmetic and functional performance in the industry."

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FlexTouch is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative touch sensors enabling touch display devices for consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, automotives, and industrial control devices. FlexTouch Technologies was founded in California, with R&D offices in Silicon Valley and manufacturing facilities in Wuzhen, China. For more information, visit

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