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FlexTouch Unveils New Standard Touch Sensors for eBook Applications

SAN JOSE, Calif., February 28, 2024/ -- FlexTouch Technologies Co. ("FlexTouch"), a renowned innovator in metal mesh touch sensors for diverse applications, proudly unveils its latest product line: a series of standard sensors designed specifically for eBook applications.

FlexTouch's strategic move to develop a standard sensor series comes as a response to the growing need for cost-effective touch solutions in the eBook sector. These new sensors avoid the need for expensive custom masks for each customer project, offering a universal solution that can be rapidly deployed across various eBook models, significantly reducing time-to-market and development costs for customers.


The advancements included in this series solve critical issues faced by eBook readers, such as the need for brighter and whiter backgrounds, and the ability to resist electronic noise which is more prevalent in eBooks.


With the capacity to combine stylus and finger touch into a single layer, FlexTouch's sensors not only enhance the readability of eBooks but also contribute to a sleeker, more cost-efficient design.


Esat Yilmaz, the Chief Technology Officer at FlexTouch, commented, "Our commitment to innovation has led us to develop a product that not only meets the technical demands of the eBook market but also addresses economic efficiencies. By standardizing our sensor designs, we are enabling our customers to avoid the financial and temporal burdens of custom solutions, while delivering the same high-quality performance FlexTouch is known for."


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